Company and Tax Guides

How to set up and run a limited company, and which taxes you should be aware of as a company director. How to pay yourself and avoid the infamous IR35 tax trap.

VAT accounting calculations

Accounting for VAT

What is Value Added Tax, and how to account for VAT.

HMRC IR35 notice and a calculator

What is IR35?

What is the Intermediaries Legislation, and IR35 affects your take home pay.

'Tax on dividends' sign


What is the optimum mix of salary and dividends you should draw down from your company?

HMRC tax return

Limited Company Taxes

An overview of the main limited company taxes you should be aware of.


IR35 Protection

How to protect yourself in the event of an IR35 investigation by taking out IR35 insurance.

Someone sketching out new business ideas in a notebook

Forming a Company

How to form a limited company – the main steps you need to take to incorporate.

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